Spotlight: July 2019

The Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ is a showcase of the brilliant projects that our users have undertaken. This month we are pleased to highlight the work of Andrea Watt, the Site Engineering Compliance Manager at Bakkavor Spalding site:  The Spalding site … Read More

Spotlight: June 2019

The Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ demonstrates the great work of Carbon Desktop users and allows them to share their energy saving projects. This month we would like to report on the fantastic success of Danish Crown’s site in Bugle. Over the … Read More

Try Carbon Desktop for free!

Our web-based software enables those responsible for energy reduction to: Measure multiple data sources (from any system, anywhere) through automation. Make positive changes: Reduce and control utility consumption and track progress against targets with alerts. Demonstrate the savings with flexible, … Read More

Spotlight: May 2019

The Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ allows us to demonstrate the outstanding projects that our clients are completing through use of our energy management software.  This month we would like to offer congratulations to the team at Dairy Crest, Kirkby: Our May … Read More

Webinar: Increase efficiency with exception reporting

Join our webinar: Increase efficiency with exception reporting

We’d like to tell you about a feature of Carbon Desktop that will help to increase the efficiency of your energy monitoring. Effectively manage your meter readings with real time alerts Exception reporting is a function to effectively manage your … Read More

Arla spotlight over £50k per annum savings predicted

Spotlight: April 2019

The Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ is our monthly showcase of the great projects being completed by our Carbon Desktop users.  This month we are showcasing the results achieved at the Arla Lockerbie site. Throughout 2017 to 2019, Verco have been working … Read More

Spotlight: March 2019

Our regular Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ is an opportunity for our Carbon Desktop users to celebrate their energy management success stories. This month we are showcasing the great work of Anthony Thomason, who works at Tulip, Bromborough. Only six months ago, … Read More

Spotlight: February 2019

Our monthly Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ provides Carbon Desktop users with the opportunity to share their energy management success stories. This month we are showcasing the work of Dan Hothersall, a Hydraulics Engineer at JCB Research, located at the World headquarters … Read More

Verco has rebranded for 2019!

As the company behind Carbon Desktop: Verco, moves into its 30th year as a leading energy management and sustainability business, we felt it was an appropriate time to update our brand, to be more in line with our vision and … Read More

Spotlight: January 2019

Happy new year!  We will be continuing our monthly ‘Spotlight’ in 2019.  This is a great opportunity for Carbon Desktop users to share their project successes. Our first ‘Spotlight’ of the year goes to Gatot Wahyudi and Wawan Kurniawan at PZ Cussons: Gatot … Read More

Spotlight November

Carbon Desktop Spotlight: November

Our monthly Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ provides Carbon Desktop users with the opportunity to share their energy management success stories. This month we are showcasing the work of Scott Browitt, the Site Engineering Business Improvement Manager at Long Clawson Dairy Ltd: … Read More

Arla spotlight

Carbon Desktop Spotlight: October

Each month we Provide Carbon Desktop users with the opportunity to showcase their best practice Carbon Desktop projects with the ‘Carbon Desktop Spotlight’. This month, we would like to celebrate the work of John Caswell and Peter Wild at Arla: Arla is a … Read More

Carbon Desktop Spotlight: September

Each month we will be showcasing a ‘best practice’ Carbon Desktop project, giving Carbon Desktop users the opportunity to demonstrate their achievements. We have reviewed some very strong contenders for the first ‘Spotlight’ and have chosen Carl Preece from Tulip: … Read More

Carbon Desktop Spotlight 2018

Carbon Desktop Spotlight 2018

We regularly see examples of the great work completed by Carbon Desktop users in identifying and delivering energy savings, so we thought we’d start an initiative to celebrate this more widely. Each month, for the rest of the year, we will showcase … Read More

Carbon Desktop Effluent Monitoring Capabilities

Verco adds new Effluent monitoring capabilities to dairy product loss system

Verco has recently made a number of enhancements to its dairy effluent monitoring system.  These include the ability to record volume in underground drains without installing weirs and uploading data to the Carbon Desktop cloud each minute.  Once in Carbon … Read More

Happy team

Up to 25% of energy wastage can be prevented with cultural change

For a manufacturing business, with multiple sites, savings from our behaviour change work have equated to over £1m per year.  We have found that if teams are not focussed on improving energy use, energy saving objectives will not reach their … Read More