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    Verco’s wider services sit alongside Carbon Desktop to provide a complete turnkey solution

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    Verco offers a complete Managed Performance Service to give you the piece of mind of a guaranteed outcome

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  • 3 admin users with unlimited access
  • Create up to 10 manual data feeds
  • Create 1 HH automatic data feed
  • Access to custom reporting & dashboards
  • Multiple Variable Regression analysis
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  • All of the Essentials benefits plus:
  • Unlimited user access
  • Unlimited manual/automatic/real-time feeds
  • Automatic exception alerting and reports
  • Access to the opportunities database
  • Online and telephone customer support
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Get the Turnkey Solution

Verco’s wider services sit alongside Carbon Desktop to provide a complete turnkey solution,
from bureau services to energy audits and project development to guaranteed savings projects.

Managed Performance Services

Working closely with site teams to achieve sustained improvements in building performance. We deliver sustained improvement in Energy efficiency, occupant comfort & maintenance effectiveness.

Corporate target setting

Maximising opportunities and minimising risk through evidence-based target setting. Development of corporate decarbonisation targets compliant with the Science-based Targets Initiative.

Capital planning and prioritisation

Intelligent investment programmes designed to achieve environment objectives with maximum financial return.

Data management and reporting

Fully-automated cloud-based metering, monitoring and reporting solutions and advanced analytics using best available technology with seamless integration into the Carbon Desktop environmental management platform.

Identification and project delivery

Delivering high quality energy, water and waste reduction audits leading to the identification of commercially viable projects covering building fabric and services and industrial process optimisation.

Bureau and loss avoidance services

Remote trend analysis to quickly identify any sudden deterioration in performance or persisting losses which can be rectified by our expert on-site technical resource.

Measurement and verification

Combining Verco’s International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) trained expert consultants and Carbon Desktop’s project tracking functionality to provide a comprehensive M&V solution using continuous and sampled monitoring techniques. 

Investment and finance

Bespoke investment programmes to meet an organisation’s appetite for risk and reward and balance sheet constraints utilising Verco’s extensive network of debt and equity providers, Investment Grade Audits (IGAs), Energy Performance Contracts and Performance Guarantees.

Engagement and training

Offering a wide range of communication support and technical and energy awareness training for all levels of capability and seniority.