The Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ allows us to demonstrate the outstanding projects that our clients are completing through use of our energy management software. 

This month we would like to offer congratulations to the team at Dairy Crest, Kirkby: Our May Spotlight.

Utilities performance at a glance
Dairy Crest Kirkby have been using Carbon Desktop to record energy data for over 10 years.  Data are collected from different types of transmitters around site and brought into Carbon Desktop; these data are automatically passed into daily reports for utilities engineers, so they can check that the factory is running optimally at a glance.
Contract Energy Management Support
In addition to logging all of their data, Dairy Crest Kirkby has subscribed to Verco’s contract Energy Management Service for the last 5 years, this service provides a monthly visit from an expert in industrial energy efficiency.  This service has been used to generate and vet energy saving ideas and opportunities. Verco engineers have been working directly with members of site and contractors to determine solutions, quantify savings and deliver a project proposal complete with savings and a buy-it-now quote from a local contractor. With these projects being de-risked, the onsite project engineers are able to deliver energy saving projects with guaranteed savings.
The savings from already
delivered projects across the years already exceeds £100k/y with an additional >£150k/y projects opportunities identified and in the pipeline.
Verco and Dairy Crest have utilised Carbon Desktop to enable savings to be achieved in the following areas/ projects: 

  • Upgrade to Process Refrigeration
  • Equipment start-up/shutdown
  • Factory operational schedule
  • Reducing heat loss into cooled process areas
  • AHU optimisation
  • Move from mechanical to free cooling

We are pleased to have collaborated with Dairy Crest for this sustained period to allow the development and delivery of multiple and wide-ranging beneficial projects. 

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