As the ESOS reporting deadline approaches, businesses are looking to meet their reporting requirements. Those who set their site reporting up well will have a stress-free process with no last-minute rush. Accurate data means the best opportunities can be identified, their outcomes predicted and project achievements verified.

Stress free ESOS reporting

Your M&T software should reduce manual, time-consuming reporting through automation (which also remove the risk of human error). If you are using Carbon Desktop, you will already be collecting the data that is required for the ESOS submission. Because the majority of data feeds come from suppliers directly, there’s no need to manually go through the invoicing one by one. This collection method also allows you to split out the energy consumption by site so you’ll have important site level data for the planned energy audits.

The Total Energy Calculation (TEC) is easy with Carbon Desktop

As part of your ESOS submission, you are required to report on a 12 month period for the TEC.  With Carbon Desktop, the information is all in one place so you can simply extract it to populate the TEC and also highlight any data gaps.

Straightforward consumption profiling

Automatic feeds for degree-days and/or activity (e.g. production) make data profiling a simple task.  For example, using single or multiple regression analysis you can identify the split of production- and temperature-dependent consumption vs. baseload.

Make the best of the opportunities and ensure accuracy with sub-metering

As part of the ESOS audit, you need to break down the energy consumption and make energy saving calculations on the opportunities you find.  To do this, there are two common methods:

  1. Bottom-up estimation: Estimating consumption of a machine/heat user based on the energy rating, time used, and assumption of loading.
  2. Metered data: If you have metered data in a metered platform, you don’t need to make assumptions so you have an extra level of accuracy.

Client example:

When we carry out ESOS audits for our Carbon Desktop clients, we build opportunities up directly from the sub-metered data.  This can be explored in terms of overall consumption, hourly profile, or the profile of operation for the opportunity.  With this level of accuracy there is no reliance on estimates.  Our tailored opportunity write-ups give a clear understanding of what can be achieved.

Build opportunities for your ESOS action plan

Setting an ESOS action plan is a new requirement of the ESOS regulations. The deadline for submitting ESOS action plans is the 5th December 2024.  Carbon Desktop allows you to build and update specific energy reduction opportunities which can form part of your ESOS action plan.

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