How to achieve data collection best practice in energy management

There are many benefits from using data collection systems in manufacturing, including the ability to find great opportunities for energy savings, create meaningful KPIs, and track project impact.  Most sites have a data collection system, but we find that some are not well tailored to the needs of the business.  We interviewed Oliver Brown, Senior […]

Thermal Mapping

Thermally map your site for the right heat decarbonisation strategy

Investing in technology for low carbon heat is a big commitment and poses many risks. The lifespan of manufacturing equipment is typically about 15-20 years, so the business case to invest in the right technology needs long-term direction and confidence. Significant investment is required. It would be a long time to live with the wrong […]

How good energy management software can support your ESOS submission

As the ESOS reporting deadline approaches, businesses are looking to meet their reporting requirements. Those who set their site reporting up well will have a stress-free process with no last-minute rush. Accurate data means the best opportunities can be identified, their outcomes predicted and project achievements verified. Stress free ESOS reporting Your M&T software should […]

Doing the basics well: Why daily action reaps rewards

Factories with a high energy demand have a clear need to track energy spend closely. A good understanding of energy use,  resolving issues quickly avoids loss and additional spend.  Our expert view Tom Purkhardt, Senior Consultant at Verco provides data driven analysis, energy and carbon reduction assessments, and project delivery for our manufacturing clients.  In […]

Carbon Desktop carbon emission factors updates – In line with UK government figures

We will shortly be updating the central carbon factors in Carbon Desktop for UK emissions. This will be in line with the latest 2023 figures released by the UK Government’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ). These factors will be added today at midday (BST). These factors are an important part of your […]

The Benefits of Energy Management Software

Energy management software solutions are designed to help organisations monitor and control their energy usage. It provides real-time data on energy consumption, making it simpler for companies to identify areas for improvement.

Supporting the Net Zero strategy

Net zero represents a major shift in the way we think about energy consumption and emissions, as it requires not only reducing emissions but also actively removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Energy & Carbon Reporting software

Carbon tracking and reporting requirements have been designed to provide customers, investors and stakeholders with easy to understand information about the company’s energy and carbon performance.

Cost Savings and Achievements in Reducing Carbon Targets

The next generation of energy management software is now giving companies the high-quality real-time data and reporting capabilities they need to make a difference. Combined with other activities, this can help businesses make the necessary impact on reducing their carbon footprint. 

Your data, Your way.

Companies around the world are taking action against climate change, updating their operations, systems and mindsets. Carbon desktop will help you keep up with the pace.

Free Energy Efficiency Healthcheck

To demonstrate the power of Carbon Desktop and to help you to engage key stakeholders in your business, we would like to offer non Carbon Desktop users a free Energy Efficiency Healthcheck.

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Our web-based software enables those responsible for energy reduction to measure multiple data sources, make positive changes and demonstrate the savings.

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