Carbon Desktop carbon emissions factors updates – In line with UK government figures

We will shortly be updating the central carbon factors in Carbon Desktop for UK emissions in line with the latest 2023 figures released by the UK Government’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ). These factors will be added to Carbon Desktop today at midday (BST). These factors are an important part of your […]

Cost Savings and Achievements in Reducing Carbon Targets

Use software to verify net zero project delivery and track progress

This is the fourth and final webinar in the series ‘use software to…’.These webinars are designed to show you how a good M&T software package can help you on your net zero journey. We give a view of the reporting features of a good energy management platform and how to use them. Webinar 4: Use […]

The Benefits of Energy Management Software

Energy management software solutions are designed to help organisations monitor and control their energy usage. It provides real-time data on energy consumption, making it simpler for companies to identify areas for improvement.

Supporting the Net Zero strategy

Net zero represents a major shift in the way we think about energy consumption and emissions, as it requires not only reducing emissions but also actively removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Use software to identify and measure net zero projects

Use software to identify and measure net zero projects

Here is our third webinar in the series of four where Ali Ahmed, Business Development Manager, presents how to use software to identify and measure net zero projects

Energy & Carbon Reporting

Carbon tracking and reporting requirements have been designed to provide customers, investors and stakeholders with easy to understand information about the company’s energy and carbon performance.

Carbon Desktop is built by
Verco, an award winning energy management and sustainability business with a proven track record in helping clients to achieve their zero carbon goals.