Our team of experts have put together a series of webinars to show you how M&T software can help you and your organisation to manage utility costs and take action against climate change.

Webinar 2: Use software to set operational KPIs and support net zero strategy.

In this on-demand webinar, Verco’s Ali Ahmed takes you through the process of setting and tracking KPIs as well as reviewing carbon reduction projects at a site and group level:

  • Gain insight into the KPIs (with example targets) that you would expect to see for the different net zero foci at an an organisational level.
  • See example outputs of how KPIs could be tracked over time to demonstrate results against benchmarks.
  • Watch a walkthrough of the Carbon Desktop opportunities database module, which allows users to update, track and report on the progress of carbon reduction projects identified on site.

Find out more about the series and register to watch the webinars here

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