This is the fourth and final webinar in the series ‘use software to…’.These webinars will show you how a good M&T software package can help you on your net zero journey. We give a view of the reporting features of a good energy management platform and how to use them. This webinar focuses on net zero project delivery and tracking progress within your manufacturing site using Carbon Desktop, accordingly to make savings and become more energy efficient within your business. 

Webinar 4: Use software to verify net zero project delivery and track progress

Ali Ahmed, Business Development Manager, demonstrates how you can verify net zero project delivery and track progress.

  • Get an overview of the data flexibility of a system as a whole, as well as looking at typical data sources and inputs.
  • See how this data is visualised.
  • Including options at a high level to see top level performance.
  • Another key point, featuring information on drilling down to help identify reduction opportunities.
  • Additionally, hear an example of standard technology improvement. Understand how you can use and automate performance data and target setting.

Companies around the world are taking action against climate change, the use of M&T software can help you do this. The webinars cover how software can be used to tackle the challenge of net zero in manufacturing. 

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