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Each month we Provide Carbon Desktop users with the opportunity to showcase their best practice Carbon Desktop projects with the ‘Carbon Desktop Spotlight’.

This month, we would like to celebrate the work of John Caswell and Peter Wild at Arla:

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Arla is a Sustainability Leader in the dairy sector and is seen as a pioneer in the industry, promoting their sustainability activities through the Closer to Nature programme.

Arla’s Settle dairy have taken a leading role in piloting new technologies and techniques to make a significant impact on overall operational efficiency which is taking them another step towards Arla’s zero carbon goals.

John Caswell (PTD Manager) and Peter Wild (Automation Engineer) have been piloting a programme which triggers automatic alerts to relevant members of the site team immediately as a parameter goes out of tolerance. The platform uses Verco’s combined hardware/software solution to provide instant notifications without the need to trawl through data manually, as set out below.

This system has been used to save thousands of pounds in a short period of time at Settle, allowing the site team to have a second round of tackling low cost opportunities that previously required significant resource to address.

The Settle team have been recognised internally within Arla for a number of their utility saving initiatives and are continuing to use the best available technology to minimise the manual resource needed to reduce their utility consumption.

It is great to see that Carbon Desktop has helped to identify money savings over a short time period and that the automation with instant notifications have given the site team time to focus on other opportunities.

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