The Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ is our monthly showcase of the great projects being completed by our Carbon Desktop users.

This month we are pleased to be reporting on the work of Noemi Guzman, Kevin Pelky and the engineering team at Arla Hollandtown.

Carbon Desktop installation
Arla Hollandtown engaged Verco to conduct a Utility Mapping and initial stage metering project in order to understand water and energy consumption. This process gave a clear view of the utility layout and the location of key users within the factory network. Specific targeted energy and water meters could then be installed in line with good energy and resource management practices.

Bureau Service
Following on from the initial metering project, Verco reviewed the data remotely, to focus on reducing water use across site. The site had a steep 10% reduction target for the year. The bureau reports flagged several opportunities which the site were able to implement themselves, achieving an impressive 10% reduction in site water use. However one large opportunity of optimising a tray/hoop washer fell outside of the site’s expertise.

Project Implementation
Verco’s expertise in optimising tray and hoop washers at different factories complemented the site’s skills. In combination with extensive help from the site team who: took regular samples, carried out maintenance and upgrades and set point changes, we were together able to reduce water consumption by 10% and save £15k/y in additional chemical and energy costs.

Validated Savings
These initial savings have been easily validated using Carbon Desktop. The utility distribution mapping identified this as a key user and so the water use has been monitored from day 1 of the metering system. The site still has some work to do to get to the optimal level of energy consumption, as a small amount of capital spend will be required.  The project is expected to have saved £68k/y and reduce site water consumption by 13%.

Have you got a tray washer?
If you have a tray wash that has not been optimised or would like to see

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