Our monthly Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ provides Carbon Desktop users with the opportunity to share their energy management success stories.

This month we are showcasing the work of Scott Browitt, the Site Engineering Business Improvement Manager at Long Clawson Dairy Ltd:


Scott Browitt, Long Clawson Dairy Ltd
Scott Browitt, Long Clawson Dairy Ltd

Long Clawson Dairy Ltd is a traditional British cheese producer, based in the small village of Long Clawson in the county of Leicestershire.

Scott used the regression analysis facility in Carbon Desktop to monitor refrigeration electricity consumption against external temperature and production levels.  This analysis determined that the refrigeration compressors were not running at optimum performance and were therefore consuming excess electricity.

Scott conducted a series of trials on the compressor settings using Carbon Desktop as a measuring tool to determine the optimum settings for the equipment.  The resulting outcome was a 24% reduction in refrigeration electricity consumption with significant financial savings.

Building on the refrigeration energy reduction win, Scott is now using Carbon Desktop at every stage of the site’s refurbishment and expansion project to ensure all new equipment is commissioned to optimum performance as well as monitoring existing equipment for potential reduction opportunities.

Carbon Desktop is highly effective at demonstrating and verifying energy use.  Our tailored reporting allows you to present this back to your business.

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