The Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ provides Carbon Desktop users with the opportunity to share and celebrate their energy management success stories.

This month we are pleased to be showcasing the work of Allen Oswin and Ron Williamson at Samworth Kettleby Foods: The Kettleby Foods site is a major manufacturer of potato topped meals including Shepherd’s pies, cottage pies and pre-prepared whole meals, which are supplied to major supermarket chains across the UK.

The Kettleby Foods site uses Carbon Desktop to assist in the identification and quantification of energy and water saving opportunities. A range of initiatives implemented in 2019 have already delivered a £60,000 reduction in electricity consumption and the site is on track to deliver £80,000 savings in 2019.

Many additional benefits which are not all directly financial are also enabled by the use of Carbon Desktop. For example, the Kettleby Foods site was concerned that their main water storage tank occasionally ran very low. Allen and Ron used Carbon Desktop to simultaneously monitor all outgoing and incoming feeds to the tank. It was discovered that the incoming supply pipe from the utility company occasionally ran at a reduced flow rate, even when factory consumption was high. This led to a depleted storage tank level. Carbon Desktop enabled the site to approach the water authority with factual evidence of the issue including dates, times and flow rates. The authority is currently investigating the root cause of this issue.

In the interim Allen and Ron have used the data supplied by Carbon Desktop to drive changes to the factories sequence in using high consumption loads. This reduces the peaked demand for water and reduces the sites vulnerability to fluctuations in site supply flow rate.

The data has also enabled a series of water reduction initiatives combining; – Procedure, Behaviour and Technical changes.

Allen and the site team also extensively use Carbon Desktop to control and monitor Electricity and Gas consumption. The combined temperature and production targets produced automatically by Carbon Desktop are compared to actual consumption. Anomalies can be quickly investigated and resolved, delivering significant savings for the site.

We are pleased to see that Carbon Desktop has helped Allen, Ron and their team to take control of and improve the site’s water, electricity and gas use.

Would you like to feature your Carbon Desktop project in our next Spotlight?

Our next spotlight will be announced here in October and the project will be shared on our news page and via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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