Carbon Desktop Effluent Monitoring Capabilities

Verco has recently made a number of enhancements to its dairy effluent monitoring system.  These include the ability to record volume in underground drains without installing weirs and uploading data to the Carbon Desktop cloud each minute.  Once in Carbon Desktop, the data can be used to send out warning alerts and allow effluent data to be integrated into site reports.


Already have an automatic effluent monitoring system?

Good news! Existing effluent monitoring systems recording data on a local PC or to another system can be upgraded to this new product loss system, enabling integration to Carbon Desktop and utilising Carbon Desktop’s automatic alerting functionality. This upgrade is relatively low cost and makes the system even easier to use with better quantification of product loss value to help make the business case for action.


Stuck with manual readings or don’t have a product loss warning system?

Verco can incorporate data from numerous existing sensors into our effluent monitoring solution, allowing you to upgrade from an existing system using this existing hardware. If you would like to learn more about our systems for tracking product loss, please contact Tim Kay using the details below.


Tim Kay MEng (Hons) CEng CEM FEI
Commercial Director

m: +44 (0)7800 664 781

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