Carbon Desktop Spotlight 2018

We regularly see examples of the great work completed by Carbon Desktop users in identifying and delivering energy savings, so we thought we’d start an initiative to celebrate this more widely.

Each month, for the rest of the year, we will showcase a best practice project.  The person who has implemented it will be given the Carbon Desktop ‘Spotlight’ and their achievements communicated on our news page, edie page, LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you have  used Carbon Desktop to identify and deliver energy savings, we would love to put you and your business in the ‘Spotlight’!

For example, have you used Carbon Desktop to make savings through alerts:

“I managed to save £6,500 per year through Carbon Desktop automatic alerts telling me when process lines were left running.”

or to track your spending:

“We started using Carbon Desktop regression functionality for financial forecasting which has really helped us to track our utility spending.”

Click here to put yourself in the spotlight and briefly tell us:

  • The nature of your project
  • How Carbon Desktop was used
  • The results that you achieved

The first ‘Spotlight’ will be announced here on 27th September and the project will be shared on our news page, edie page and via LinkedIn and Twitter.

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